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Kahitri played Pharaoh

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Kahitri said...
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I love playing this game for some reason...

Pharaoh (PC)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Construction/Building Sim
Release Date: 06/NOV/99
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Oh, my! Seeing this post just reminded me that I have this game. I haven't played it in ages. I may have to dig through my Pile o' Games and see if I can locate it.
:¬) I like how it is more relaxed compared other games and still a slight challenge, sandbox mode = happiness
I've watched my fiance play it for the last couple of months. She does love it, but i've not brought myself around to trying it out yet .

I'm more of a Civ 4 fan myself though for that kind of game.
I usually (on my pc only) play 2 games for 2 months or so then play some of my older games but change the genre, I like the variety, however I don’t follow that with my ps3 or itouch games… weird eh?
I'm usually quite setlled with games but since coming back to England (mostly because I currently have NOTHING to do with my time, at all) I've been really restless and erratic with my games, unable to settle on one for long.

I think alot of PC games (especially the older variety) are more involving than a lot of modern console games, especially when you throw some nostalgia into the mix. I found with console gaming that I always looking for the next best thing, the next title over the horizon.

I'm hoping Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2 will keep me entertained for a good long while. But until then FFXII emulated will have to keep me warm.
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