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5 Influential Games

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Kahitri said...
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Time splitters 1: I remember thinking how a game could be so fun and yet so difficult, my love of sci-fi was partially due to this game and another… I loved how the enemies were actually decent as well for the time. I’m putting this as one of my top 5 as it led me down the road of sci-fi and an empty wallet :D

Red Faction: This was also an influence on me for the sci-fi genre and I loved the fact you could dig nearly anywhere :) It had a nice story and the submarine level was a favourite of mine with the rail driver my favourite weapon! This game was great for playing with mates after school and killing one of them with a rocket launcher was great fun.

Jak and Daxter: This was one of my most played games back in the day and I loved getting every single precursor orb! I remember the last fight being annoying but well worth it. This game led me to buying NaughtyDog games and led me to purchase Uncharted a game I may have passed off as being a Lara croft impersonator but brought out of my love for NaughtyDog titles and was well worth it.

Pokémon: I had my GameBoy colour my Pokémon Red + Blue and I was one of the happiest people alive :) I remember getting all Pokémon and boasting to my mates for weeks. I watched the series and I played all the titles, heck I even got the marbles when they came out this game influenced me as a kid greatly, I remember getting a MissingNo and it corrupting my red game file (luckily for me that the one I used to trade Pokémon over with) without Pokémon I may not have played as many games as I do now.

Command & Conquer (All of Them): I loved the C&C games I even had it for my ps2 so I could play it when I was not on the pc (as my family did not understand how essential it is that I played it) I have purchased every title for it and I know that my love of strategy titles would not be so without this game C&C you hurt my wallet but you was worth it :)
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Jak and Daxter was such an awesome game, I loved the first one. Too bad it kind of died off.

I think you meant Red Faction not fraction =)
lol I will change that, Jak and Daxter was awsome :)
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